Operanation – by the Canadian Opera Company – is a mix of party and live performance event that combines diverse art forms and music styles in an innovative and inclusive way. For its originality, it has become a must-attend event in Toronto's cultural calendar.  Their 2017 party was themed "Cabinet of Curiosities'. In BT/A Advertising, I was in charge of its branding and art direction.  The main image (shown above) is a contemporary take on the antique theme, and combines objects that are subtlety connected to the opera shows of the 2017 season. The imagery, either stills or cinematography animations, was successfully used to entice the curiosity of the audience on COC web and social channels. It was, however,  only a small hint of what they would experience in the party...

Photo by Jesse Milns.


Realstar is one of the largest owners of high-quality rental properties in Canada. For over 40 years, they’ve been helping Canadians coast-to-coast find and enjoy their perfect apartment. In an effort to communicate better the "Real Advantages", Realstar rebranded all its marketing tools. At BTA Advertising, I was in charge of the creative design on all touch points with clients, including the face of the new website platform. Modern, established and homey, Realstar new online presence smoothly connects its products to clients' goals.


Tattoo Envy is an original man underwear brand with online store. They design and create their own collections inspired by Palm Springs' deserts and urban style. I was hired to create their website integrated into an e-commerce platform and to their Facebook page. Groovy yet very simple, the website scrolls horizontally and presents their unconventional collections, aimed to all kinds of man.

Catrina original drawing with Amy Zhang


Global is a major Canadian manufacturer of office furnishings throughout the world. Their annual A+D (Architects & Designers) party is considered to be one of the best events of the industry. In 2014 it was placed at the Gardiner Museum and celebrated Halloween, inspired by the voodoo and day-of-the-dead aesthetics. The series of email invitations caused a great impression and the maximum number of guests with RSVP was quickly reached.


Click here to see the print design of this project.




Placed at the heart of Palm Springs, Studio B Hair Designs provides the excellence in beauty experience, with creative, personalized designs and top beauty-industry products. Besides their whole Brand Identity, I was in charge of bringing Studio B to life on the Internet. Their website is a stylish source of information and inspiration for the studio's clients. It features profiles, portfolios and schedules of their designers, as well as prices and an interactive map. Their brand promise of being the place "where you can be your own kind of beautiful" is therefore extended to their website. Clients start browsing their favourite styles, choosing lines of products and setting appointments conveniently before they go to the salon.


Global is a major Canadian manufacturer of office furnishings throughout the world. After a major renovation of its Montreal Showroom, a big opening party was prepared for the local A+D (Architects and Designers) community. Scheduled for February 12th, the party was themed with Valentine's Day motifs. Avoiding the most common clichés of the holiday, the e-mail invitation used playing cards elements to create a bold graphic style that clearly referred to the Valentine's spirit. It also flattered the guests by calling them "kings" and "queens", and prepared them to be welcomed by the (performers) King and Queen of Hearts at the entrance of the party.


The Breast Restoration Program at University Health Network is a center of excellence that provides comprehensive treatment to post-mastectomy patients from all over Canada. In charge of a major rebranding, I brought a clean, serious, feminine, and optimistic style to their corporate image. The design of the website was focused on simplicity and functionality, while aligning with their new branding standards. One import issue was to balance a rational-scientific look to a feminine approach. While communicating reliability, the post-mastectomy women also need comfort and a boost to their self-esteem.


Instituto Viventia offers a wide range of high quality business training programs. They are known for improving the businessmen's talents and technical skills regarding to communication and managing strategy. Using an exclusive and interactive methodology, they provoke creative, out of the box thinking. Imaginatto was responsible for their branding since the beginning, including creating their logo and website. Far-out, dynamic and vibrant, Instituto Viventia's image represents their approach as well as their branding promise.