With no experience in shooting and editing movies, I was pushed by friends to create a short movie all by myself to submit to a small short-movie festival. With not much time, no professional camera, no actors, or sets, my idea was to edit public YouTube videos and create a story around it, contextualizing the poor quality, inconsistency and amateurish finish of my raw material. It was an exciting new experience by itself, and the result couldn't be more surprising and rewarding. Help Us People From the Past was awarded with the highest honor: it was elected by the public as the best movie of the festival! I went back home with the Generus Laureus trophy of the 1st Cine Fest Marechal.


Best Movie - 1st Cine Fest Marechal

TERRA NOVA (with Erick Grigorovski)

TERRA NOVA is an adventure animated TV Series with 10 episodes planned for its first season.

It takes place in the future, after severe climate changes drastically transformed the geography of our planet. Nature took the planet back. Life for human beings became tougher and the majority of the few remaining groups is nomad and struggle for life in very harsh conditions. TERRA NOVA follows the journey of three characters searching for a safe place to settle and to help in the rebuilding of the human civilization. Despite of general interest of a number of TV producers, we are is still looking for partners to bring this project to life.


Scenarios, characters and animations sketched by Erick Grigorovski.